Consumerism is evil!

Buying stuff is fun. Of course it is. But it is not source of happiness. At least it should not be. And if it is a source of happiness for you, maybe it is time to change that. If you want to become a financial unicorn and a real member of the financial unicorns club, you have to change your behaviour!

Consumerism is the “social and economic order that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts”, if you believe wikipedia. But in reality I am of course not refering to the simple concept but your behaviour. If you feel better when you bought yet more stuff that you do not need that will lead to more expenses. You will see very quickly that a huge part of your monthly expenses is governed by crap that you do not need. So what can you do about it? Well it is simple and tough at the same time. You have to stop buying things that you do not need.

And how do you do that? A good idea is to find hobbies that do not cost lots of money. Join a club. Get a simple hobby where you help other or read a book. In fact most hobbies, apart from “shopping” are not really supporting the consumerism life style that you might be having right now.

If you do not know that you are spending too much it is of course difficult to identify where you spend too much and where your spending is making sense economically. One help might be to ask people around you to tell you what they think about your spending behaviour. But let us be honest. If the people around you would have a good spending behaviour, then, you would not be in the situation that you are in right now.

So a better idea is to simply comment below this blog article. The financial unicorns club can help you with practical ideas regarding your spendings. Just post your monthly spendings and how much you pay for each type of item. Of course you do not, and should not, use your real name.

Another help will be further articles on specific topics and how much money you should spend on them. But that is still the future and not today. So let us just start with your spendings of today and see what we can do about it.

All this does, by the way, not mean that consumerism is completely bad but that you have to control yourself and your behaviour in this world we live in. Doing that, you can become a financial unicorn! Let us do this!

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